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09 October 2013


cecilia paintin

Keep on moving.


Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in with my ice water several times a day seems to clear sinus!

jim kinsey

A good Multivitamin and extra vitamin D3 i take 5,000 iu a day. you can never get enough sun ligth that is how you get D3. Also drink 8 to 10 8oz glass of water a day.


I try to forget about work when I go home. It will be there tomorrow.

Troy Jones

I take a men's vitamin daily, wash hands a lot, drink daily allowance of water, and exercise in order to maintain my health and reduce chances of colds or other health problems.

Mike Simar

I got my flu shot, drink lots of water and take a supplement called Airborne twice a day, and never miss my activities.




Move More

Juan Guerra

Wash yor hands frequently

Brad Brandt

Exercise at least three times a week including anarobic and arobic excercise, with a high protien low fat diet and a multi vitamin daily.

Debra San Soucie

Wearing my go-zone reminds me to keep on moving.

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