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02 December 2013


cecilia paintin

Dont pass the germs.

Angela Carter

Best to stay home and rest. Plus you dont want to get other people sick.


It depends on the severity. I agree with 'C'. The sniffles ... I will tough it out. But if I can't breath I'm stayin' home :)

Robin Meyer

Sweat it out.

Jeannie Scott

Sweat it out but.. in your own home so you dont get others sick.


of course you should skip the gym if you have a cold. Instead have a big hot chicken soup , a lot of rest and drink a lot of water.. Next two days go to the gym and you will feel great.

Lynn Parsons

Stay home and workout. Don't spread your germs at the gym.

Kenneth Hout

Skip the gym but workout at home. Just don't over do it.


Who has enough breath and energy to work out when you are congested and coughing?


Honey, Let's wait on the rest of the group!


Agree with other commenters. Be considerate of others and stay home if sneezing, coughing, or runny nose, and avoid spreading your misery to others. Workout at home.

Pat O'Shea

They should skip the gym if having the upper issues. May not be a problem for them but big chance of spreading to others, even if just a cold. Stay home and work out.

joan scott

skip it you will get everyone else sick.

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