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10 January 2014


cecilia paintin

struggle at firsr but doing better.

John Trocino

I eat the same thing for breakfast 6 out of 7 days a week and practically the same thing for lunch. So, tracking it is easy, as dinner is pretty much the only meal that changes up.


Been doing the Eat, Fast, live longer regime (Dr. Micael Mosely) It is really easy to track food on the two 500 calorie fasting days... down 30 pounds and from "Obese" to "Normal"


One thing that helps me is to log my food BEFORE I eat it. That way, I can see exactly what the effect will be. I use MyFitnessPal and connect it to FitBit.


My Fitness Pal helps me to track food, water, and exercise. I always have my phone, so it is easy to do every day.

Loretta Goodwin

I am reading Super Shred by Ian Smith.
I want to eat healthy and exercise more this year.

Darlene Michel

I have the book Calorie King. I am absolutely amazed at the calories in fast food! Everyone should take a few minutes to research the calories of the things they eat!! Probably make a world of difference in what they choose.


Myfitnesspal is a great iPhone food journal app!

Malcolm Anderson

Fasting from sugar and portion control.

heather pease

I never thought of taking a picture of my food before I eat it, as previously suggested. Great idea!

heather pease

I am trying to get my reward for using fitness pal and I cannot seem to be able to link virgin pulse with fitness pal. I love the program. Even though I generally eat healthy, this tracking helps me to eat better.

Lelia Smith

Track your food daily... it makes a difference..be sure to drink your water..


I use the myfitness pal app and I log my food and exercise with it. It definitely helps stay on track when you account for everything throughout the day!


Weight Watchers has a good method for tracking!

Steven Temple

Its good to keep track of everything you eat.

John LaCasse

cereal juice blueberries and coffee for breakfast, pocket bread sandwich, yogurt fruit and water for lunch. stay out of the starches and far away from the candy (from the holidays). oh and my walk this morning at 430am was at -11 with a wind chill of -25.

alice berry

I use Myfitnesspal and love it! I track everything and it has worked wonders for me.


Phone tracking apps like my fitness pal, sparkpeople etc make me the most accountable for losing weight. Using a rich database let's uou look up nutrients before eating anything. It helps me make good choices.


I have been using my fitness pal and virgin health miles for over a year and have lost 40lbs. You just have to keep track of every bite you put in your mouth. It was a real eye-opener of all the little things I used to eat.


if it's in the house it's too much of a temptation plus limit the quantity even of healthy foods

diane plazak

track your food but track your water too :)


Just don't buy it. Then it's not available.


Keeping track of everything that you eat is a real eye opener.

Ralph McKenzie

Eat fruit when having a hunger urge and then exercise.


I have to keep a written food diary. It makes me accountable and also makes it "real". It also helps me set goals and see areas that I can improve on.


Pictures works for me. I have an account on MyFitnessPal - just handy to take a pick and review at the end of the day (or when you feel you can cheat)

Lisa Lohe

to Kristen Klasky -- use myFitnessPal.com to calculate the calories in your recipes. Select the option to add a recipe. Then add each ingredient and fill in the number of servings. In the recipe name I also add in parentheses the number of servings. It says on the site that you can also add the instructions for the recipe and they plan to make them available in the future. Only thing I don't like about MFP is all the adds that make the screens slow to respond. My typing often doesn't get entered because the page is still loading. Guess that's the "price" for FREE!


at main meals, I fill myself up with vegetables first, then a little meats. When I want a treat, I go for fruits. Always have a small portion.

Sharon Sanderson

I have been a Weight Watchers Lifetime member for 10 years and maintained a 46 lb weight loss by using portion control, tracking my food and exercising regularly, which is critical for long term weight loss maintenance. It takes a combination of good tips, tools and healthy practices to ensure long term success.

Darwin Schierer

I became a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member in August of 2013. I have tracked my food daily for the last 2-1/2 years. Daily food tracking is the key to my success, both in losing the weight and in maintaining my goal weight. The WW mobile app is a tremendous tool by which to stay current tracking my food.

It is also very beneficial to "pre-track" your food for the next day. That really reduces the tendency to drift into eating junk foods.


So I signed up through your link for My Fitness Pal - how do I get this site to recognize that I have an account??

Tony Cicarella

Been using Fitness Pal for Almost a week now. I like it because it's fairly easy to use. I'm much more aware of what I'm eating now so I think it's going to help me out. I like how it estimates how much weight you will lose if you sustain a certain calorie intake. On the other hand the exercise inputs for weight training like I do are clumsy and difficult to use. Any advance lifter like me has to really work at inputting pyramid style lifting stats into the workout. But once you get them in at least you can copy them for future workouts.

Caryn McElfresh

I love to make cold salads with left over cooked Quinoa! It is so delicious and it is a very high source of protein. The delicious nutty flavor goes great with grilled chicken but I like to go completely veggie with a balsamic dressing. YUMMY...... This is a really nice thing to make very small portions with as a snack with no dressing instead of reaching for the chips and cookies.

JoAnn Stanley

I've joined Weight Watchers, so I track my points everyday. I like the support of the weekly meetings and weigh-ins to keep me on track. I've tried for the last year to lose and I gained 10 lbs! I decided I couldn't do it on my own. I've been a member for 5 weeks and have reached my first goal!

Ken Lauver

If I have to eat out I use an iPhone app named "Fast Food" to show me the calorie counts of the menu items so that I can make healthier choices.


Reading this article makes me wish I had bigger hands...


I'm using the Weight Watchers app- although I did have to join, it was worth it. I log every morsel! It was a real eye opener to see the point value for different foods, especially those at restaurants.

Ralph McKenzie

Eating fruit and not drinking pop are my secrets to a healthier existence.


My sister has been using her FitBit Flex along with MyFitnessPal and has lost 135lbs since Feb/March of last year. I started using MyFitnessPal last week and I love it. I am getting my friends in the office to do it too and we share our results. I cant physically do TurboFire like my sister does every night due to physical restraints so I am trying to find other ways to be active.


I tried My Fitness Pal per Virgin Pulse recommendation, but have been using Calorie Count and it's much easier to track food since I try to weigh everything. My Fitness Pal is more of an estimate and can't really be precise like Calorie Count.


I follow the Frank Ianiro's diet. This means watching and listening to people like Bill O'Reilly and Sara Palin and then regurgitating my meal.

Cindy Thompson

I plan my meal before I get hungry so I won't just grab anything to satisfy my hunger. Making sure I have healthy items to eat is necessary.

Kim Battles

For anyone using a Fitbit device, it will not only allow you to track food but it tracks your Basal Metabolic Rate letting you know the calories your body burns at rest then adds those calories burned through activity. What this means is that I get a pretty accurate analysis each day of the total calories expended. When I add to that the foods I have eaten that day and their calories then I can see if I am eating more than I expend! Also, you can use your smart phone to sync your device and enter foods too so it is very convenient.


I have been using the app Lose it! on my iPhone for about 4-6 weeks and love it. It helps me to track what I am eating, how many calories I am consuming and I can add activity so it will add back calories burned. I did it to lose weight and it does appear to be helping.

Whothatlady (gwen taylor)

I signed in. I like this one. Lets see if it works for me OK! (smile)

Kristen Klasky

I've used My Fitness Pal for years and this past year I lost 13 lbs with 5 more to go. I switched to eating more vegan meals in October and that helped me lose the last 5.5 lbs. One tip I have for calculating calories is this: when I make a recipe for the first time, I write down the calories for each ingredient on the recipe and then add them up and divide by the number of servings. That way every time i make that recipe I know the number of calories. This is more accurate than looking it up on My Fitness Pal since every recipe is different.


The Android phone app is just WAY TOO BIG for using on some phones, once you consider how many OTHER apps we may have installed...!

It's interesting to see how much over or UNDER your counts you can be...! Sometimes, I think something has more calories or more fat or more _____ and find out it's much, much, MUCH less...!

Cindy Olson

I also use www.SparkPeople.com. It is a free site, lots of support, exercise videos, recipes, teams you can join. There is an active local team in my area that schedules different events such as 5k, I learned how to use Nordic Walking poles, etc. Very fun way to focus on your goals!


I typed in banana for breakfast, it popped up as a food 'never to eat for weight loss!" I don't want to lose weight and bananas have lots of good potassium in them. There is no magical food anyway.

Andrea Castro

Sparkpeople.com - Best diet site ever! They give you a weekly meal plan and allow you to make healthy substitutions for things you don't like. The app is easy to use and you can log your food, exercise, and water intake on the go. You can scan bar codes to upload the nutrition info that you can save in your favorites. They have a great Healthy Recipes app that shows you how to take your favorite meals and make them healthy.

Merle Swoope

Try not to have a second serving. But eat as much fresh fruits and fresh vegetable salad every meals.

Lydia Uribe

Lifetime Weight Watchers member -- I track everything as soon as I eat it. I've lost almost 30 pounds and kept it off for 3 years and counting! :)


This site sucks! I was sent over by virgin health. I try to type in the foods I eat & I keep getting errors.To long to complicated!!


I've found that tracking my caloric intake really, REALLY cuts down on the mindless/boredom eating. There's no telling how many calories I used to eat every day before I was paying attention. I use both MyFitnessPal and Lose It (both apps have features I enjoy), and I have lost ten pounds so far since October. I plan on losing about 115 more. I plan on tracking my food for the rest of my life.

Donna Wojciak

Life time member of Weight Watchers, track everything. Lost 90 pounds!!!!


At the first of the year I started using myfitnesspal. I really like the fact that I can just scan a barcode and it pulls all the info up for me! I


Lose it is an awesome app.

Eva Boswell

Because I do a lot of fresh cooking, I keep my records right on my refrigerator. It's easy to plan ahead and put it on the "lunch" section.

When I'm away from home, I note any consumption on my "notes" app and add them to the list.

I don't count calories, I eat healthy. I keep the weight off and the toxins out.

Martha Collins

I am a Weight Watchers at Work member, so having a great group of people who share your journey and support you at work is wonderful. Tracking your food really can teach you a lot about what you're putting in your mouth that you don't even realize. The great thing about Weight Watchers is that no food is off limits. It's easy to have really good and healthy foods that your whole family can enjoy - no matter their age. You may just eat less than some of your other family members, because, let's face it, a 130 pound woman doesn't need to eat as much as a 200 pound man, or a growing teenager. :-) I've lost 66 pounds with Weight Watchers, exercise and tracking both.

Kathleen Stern

I have small kids who need the calories. I have to hide the food from my sight so I am not eating things I don't need! My will power is not as strong as it should be.


Get a phone app and it makes it easier to do it right after you eat so you won't forget later in the day.


I log the food eat for each meal. Really helps keep me on track! You really don't know how much you're consuming until you're accountable for it!

Lisa Hale

With MyFitnessPal on my phone and stepping up my workout routine I lost over 30 pounds last year. You have to be obsessive about it and make sure you track everything. You soon learn what items are "worth" the calories and what will require you to work out longer!

Brian Campbell

Having a phone app has made it easy. Make a meal....log it....Eat something...log it...
I am only day 12 of doing it and its been kinda of fun doing it as well as a real eye opener.


Take a picture of each meal - to know what you've eaten as a "tracker".

Catherine Meehan

This is why Weight Watchers truly works. Tracking is the key.

Jeannette Suhr

From the South Beach diet, I learned to count nuts - 30 pistachios, 15 almonds, or 20 peanuts.
And I always look on packages for portion sizes. When I feel like a treat, like potato chips, if the package says 12 chips, then that's all I allow myself. And I break them up into smaller pieces so the treat lasts longer and I feel satiated.

Laverne Hicks

Out of site out of mind. You do not see it in the kitchen so then you do not eat it. Just do not buy the junk food.

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