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03 March 2014


cecilia paintin

Learning to play guitar.


I'd love it if Virgin Health Miles would team up with Weight Watchers. My husband and I joined Weight Watchers right after the first of the year. It would be so great to intergrade the two somehow so that my activity got entered into my weight watchers profile too!

Patti Sykes

I teach 5th grade so I know how reading for fun is important to my students' success. I found that they read more when they see me reading so I've set aside 10 minutes of my class time each day for "DEAR" time (Drop Everything And Read) Working out the brain!

Pamela Pruett BMCE OPS

Learning new words is a new hobby of mine.

I also teach photography therefore I have to know or learn a new technique of what we are shooting that week in order to pass along tips and tech the students how to get great photographs.

Also as a chef, I'm always trying new cooking recipes.


I would like to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Bill Barnard

I have a nice digital SLR camera that my family gave me for Christmas. I want to master the capabilities of that camera - before some now-unknown technology makes digital photos obsolete!

Kellee Pointer

I would like to learn to salsa dance. My next exercise class will be salsa dancing.


Signed up for a swing dance course to learn some new dance moves!

karon ray

I would really like to learn how to play the piano or clay sculpting

Mary Moultry

I would like ot learn to play an instrument. Perhaps the guitar, but maybe more so a keyboard or piano.

Parvathi Thimmampet

Would like to participate in half a marathon this year

Caryn McElfresh

I'm learning about how foods fight certain disease and help with aging and reversing certain processes. My new venture is growing fresh herbs and vegetables to cook with to help my family as healthy as possible to they will have the best life possible and hopefully my children will carry it on in their lives when they a have a family of their on. This will be part of my legacy :p


Add a super food to your diet like CHIA SEEDS.. They are know as the seeds in the chia pet heads we see in commercial, but they are actually a healthy grain thats edible full of nutrion and heart healthy


I forgot about one I have been meaning to do for YEARS....learn how to ice-skate.
Ice skating is always my favorite olympic sport but I have never done it!


Knitting, playing piano or guitar, and ballroom dancing was a good one!

I need more time...LOL.

Mary Ann

Want to learn how to scrap book, I have decades of pictures of family & friends. Also love to dance want to learn more line dancing so I keep up with the young girls this summer when the country bands play. Keep doing 5-6 flights of stairs at work, so I can keep going to the water park with my grandkids. I will be 61 next week.

Robin Hobbs

I would love to learn how to play the piano

cynthia pennyman

would love to learn Spanish,


I would like to someday learn line dancing.


learn to speak some swedish


How to sew!

Lynn McNulty

I would like to learn ballroom dancing!

James Brooks

I would like to learn to play golf and speak Spanish.

Dee Attebery

I would like to learn to crochet.


I'd like to learn how to Ballroom dance.


I love my boot camp, now for over a year. I noticed better concentration at work. I sleep better. Physical tasks are easier. My mile walk from train stations to work is easier & most important playing with my grandchildren.


Learning to read music is like learning a foreign language. It keeps the mind sharp and it is very rewarding. I have been taking piano lessons for 4 years now and just scratched the surface. I can play some songs but I have not learned to play by ear yet.
I am working toward that goal.

Teresa W. Lee

I plan on taking golf lessons, learn how to swim and get my concel arm license by the end of 2014.

Jane Harrold

I have started going to bed sooner than usual - before midnight - I have even gone to sleep by 10pm! I have learned I feel so much better - even when I wake up earlier I can keep on going through out the day.

RJ McFatridge

I would like to challenge myself to learn to play the acoustic guitar. I want to be able to play for my family around campfires.

Valeri Pighini

My 78-year-old mother and I are taking Italian Language classes together. We walk a mile to and from the class together and have made many new friends. I feel like we hit a lot of the highlights outlined in this article. My mom wouldn't do this on her own, so it's a way of getting her out, spending time with her, and learning together - it's fun.

Christine Wiegand

Knitting helps remove the stress generated at work. When I knit, my work stress fades away and it's fun giving people the knitted things I make. It's all good.


Doing Yoga 2-3 times a week has helped me considerably. I need it to de-stress, relax, relieve muscle tension - it has been a fabulous addition to my life for mind & body. Truely believe I have avoided carpel tunnel syndrome by doing yoga, seeing a chiropractor regularly & therapudic massage.


I would really like to learn French


I would like to learn to knit and yoga.

Ruth Kauffmann

I'd like to learn more about piecing quilts - my mom is really good at it.


I would like to learn Spanish my husband is from Panama, Panama & we spent April of last year there with me not able to talk to people and I'm a talker big time, it was rough!


I'm with a lot of you...I'd love to know more Spanish. I took French in high school and college, then married my wonderful hubby, who's from Guatemala. People ask me all the time if I speak Spanish, and I hate telling them that I don't. I wonder if I can use my Rosetta Stone while I'm working out??? :-)


Stress is tough on me, but I grab my dictionary and open to any-page, and pick a word I don't know. Some of the words are strange (like prestidigitator -basically, a magician) if I can't sleep, this is a great way to get sleepy! lol :)


I read that walking backwards gives your brain a extra workout. So now when I walk on a track, I walk at least one lap backwards. I look like a dope, but I figure I'm exercising both my body and brain at the same time so I don't care.


Stress is a big one for me :-/ I would like to learn how to not be stressed lol But seriously maybe some different methods to help de-stress anytime, anywhere :)


I have been learning French on the Coffebreak French podcasts since January- tres magnifique!


I would like to play softball again.


Learn Spanish

Tony Barkley

Learning to speak/read/write Mandarin, I have also been growing Bonsai for about a year now.




I'd like to learn how to knit.

Irma Jasso

Take dancing lessons.


I want to improve my ability to speak Spanish.

Bernadette Jones

I would love to learn how to play tennis.

LouAnn Tuttle

Try Yoga helps with stress and takes all the kinks out of your body. Good for your mind and body.

tom collins

I am leaning new songs to play on my flat top takes a little to get them just right to sing to my wife.

D Samoranos

I've been doing a one mile run/walk or more per day for 30 days challenge and I’ve got less than two weeks left to go. :)

Brenda Sontag

I need to walk more!


I want to learn to play the piano

Chris Riley

In the process of teaching myself how to swim laps without stopping! "much HARDER than I thought!!!

Becky Bittinger

I would like to take a knitting class...fun learning new things


Would like to learn to play guitar.

Caryn McElfresh

Exercising your brain is vital in helping to keep you on track mentally in the quest to all around good health!


I have just taken up square dancing. You have to spend time learning the calls, then when dancing listen intently to hear details the caller provides just seconds before you have to execute. Great mind and body fun!


Korean level 1 lesson:
“Hello.” is “안녕하세요. [an-nyeong-ha-se-yo]”


Learning Chess strategy


I would like to learn how to knit

Cynthia Becket

I would like to learn more about gardening and have a beautiful yard!

heather pease

I play the puzzle game Mahjong and i like to challenge myself in a small way...play left handed. Research shows doing minimal activities with the opposite hand helps with fighting Alzheimers. Try brushing your teeth, unlocking doors and turning washer knobs with opposite hand. It's good brain activity and not too hard.


I want to learn how to hand dance!

Tom Santee

I am spending much less time on FB and more time talking to my wife. Spending more time with grandkids also.

Susan Stafford

Learning a little Danish, singing with a choir, joined a walking group and my granddaughter wants me to teach her to knit - which means I need to re-learn!


I'd like to learn how to ballroom dance and kick like the Rockettes:)

jennifer dzwonczyk

I have started looking up definitions of words I don't know when I a reading!

Kyle Gatchalian

I'm shopping for a mountain bike. Cannot wait to start this new hobby!

John Carey

I am learning to do timelapse photography with my gopro camera

pat williams

I want to learn how to speak Spanish.


I want to speak Spanish so well that no one can tell it's my second language!


I want to learn to crochet and speak Japanese


Get back to playing the piano.


I would like to learn to play the drums.




I want to learn how to fix cars.


i have been learning how to knit.


i need to challenge myself to walk more

Lucy Stolzenburg

I'm a singer. So, I am always learning new music for concerts, requiring memorization, usually sung in either Italian, German, Latin, or English. It also requires character study and interpretation.


I'd like to learn how to speak spanish, so that I can better communicate with my patients.


I would like to re-start playing my flute! I quit playing after high school but I feel like I could pick up where I left off!!

Debra Sawyer

I would like to learn more of the spanish language. Como esta?

Jeannette Suhr

I'm always reading new books. I learn a french phrase every day. I sometimes work a crossword puzzle. I'm learning piano. I'm writing my first book. I regularly take online classes and attend seminars. And I'd like to learn watercolor and improve my photography skills. Not enough hours in the day for me!!


'talk to me in Korean"
How do you like your 계란(eggs)?


Learning to play the Piano


Learning to play guitar!

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