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23 June 2014



Yes I do walk daily


Yes, I love walking!


I always pick sunglasses that have wider bands on the sides. They do a better job for protecting your eyes and preventing crow's feet.


yes i walk

Martha Rice

I walk everyday to jump start my day. Gives me energy throughout the day.


Family walks at after dinner are a great time to share about your day and spend time together.


A walk/run on the beach clears the mind and keeps you fit.




My wife and I walk around the lake in our back yard, 1 time around = 1 mile. We discuss or cuss what's happened during the day.

Chris Michaels

I walk for my health :) Cardiologist said son you better get rid of that and patted me on the stomach so Now I walk and weight train... I feel 100 times better now.

joe shaw

i walked every morning before work 2 miles

Selena Kemper

I walk from my car to work and back everyday


I walk during most lunch hours.


I love to walk early in the morning


I have found my daily walks make me feel so much better and I miss them if I don't have a chance to get it in.

donna hanley

i walk every day / thank you it's a great way to undo the day

donna hanley

i walk when i get home from work daily just to get the day of work out of me.
it's great to leave the job behind.


I take the stairs at work daily. I enjoy walking my dog. He needs exercise too!


like to walk my dogs in the evening


I walk my dogs daily:)It feels awesome!


Daily :)always on the move.


I walk the dog daily!


Walking is the best!


Love my daily walks, especially as the countryside is so beautiful with the wild flowers out, the green of the trees the baby moorhen on the ponds and promise of a bumper crop of blackberries judging from the blossoms.... plus often a family member with me.

nenita almonte

yes, I enjoy walking with my dog 3 times a day for 30 mins


yes I did

Ken Sommerer

Taking a walk in the afternoon clears my mind and gets me ready to finish the day strong.


Make time to walk everyday


I enjoy walking because help me physical and mentally. Walking relives my stress, also distract my mind, I like breath deep, and see what is outside my work.

Deborah Urquhart

Love walking and running!


I try to fit in a walk anytime I can everyday.

Irene Cipriano

I walk every other day in d after noon

Kay L. Rice

I walk every day. At lunch, on breaks, and my husband and I get an evening walk or bicycle ride in every night.


I love to walk!

Patti marinaro

I walk everyday with a person from work it feels great to get away from my desk. you feel better, you clear your mind, get fresh air.

Priscilla Mendez

I like to workout by myself because I like to keep my heart rate going. I have 3 kids, two little girls and my 3rd child is my husband...lol working out or even just a walk helps clear my mind and it "Me" time. I've been running for 30 minutes a day, doing Ab workouts, eating healthy and I can see results.
Hiking is always a great alternative to having the whole family get healthy too. Its fun and easy. If I can do it, so can you!!! I literally get anxiety before working out but the final result of completing is my reward.
I have gained weight but it doesn't bother me because its muscle mass. Remember: Muscle is more dense than Fat so it weights more. Don't get discouraged. Keep up the great work everyone!!!



Melissa Buschbaum

Talking a walk to just take a walk is a great way to minimize the need to multitask for those of us who must stay busy at all times.

cora pasia

Absolutely, taking a walk in the park with family, or friends or colleagues gives you a quality time by just being with them, by just walking together, or may be for sharing thoughts encouraging one another.

Ryan Carlson

It's a nice way to recharge and get a bit of exercise throughout the day.


Yes. A walk helps me to clear my mind and get a new perspective on the project at hand.



Debbie DiBenedetto

I enjoy walking and talking with friends!


Yes. I walk with a co -worker and we both get a chance to clear our heads

charity hamilton

Yes I did


I run at least 1.5 to 3.5 miles every evening and then try to log another mile just by cooling down and walking. It's a huge stress reliever!

Liz Cardenas

Taking a walk clears mind, body and soul, when rough days start in the beginning of the day, taking a walk and taking deep breaths help tremendously to take on the the 2nd half of the day.


So many great places to choose from when taking a walk...the beach, a tree lined path-it makes it very easy to get out and walk every day.

Carrie Mehl

I take a 20-30 minute power walk every day, which helps me tremendously. Wearing the pedometer issued to me from my company, gives me enough motivation to accumulate beyond the required daily 7,000 steps. I usually get between 7,000-11,000 in on a daily basis.

charity hamilton

Yes I did n do walk everyday

charity hamilton

Yes I did

Debbie Weaver

I walk all day long at work, but walking for fitness is so much different. I love to walk


taking a walk makes you feel good!

Marian F

Gardening :)


New Puppy...several walks a day.

Monica Davis



YES my wife and I take our adorable puggle Winston for a walk 2-3 times a day! Its a Great way to spend additional time wiht my wife.





Josh hataway



I walk on a treadmill for exercise. It can be done rain or shine and helps provide time to let my mind wander.

rasmey thach

I love walking. During my break I take about 15 minutes outside walking alone. It does clear my mind and thought with walking. also, drink plenty of walker before taking a walk!

Sarah Bennett

Dog morning and afternoon or early evening


Yes, It recharges me for the rest of the afternoon!



Reginald Carter

I walk several times a day.It give me time to clear my mind on a lots that is going on at work.


Walk with my doggies every day.

Joe Nebres

Love walking at Botanic Gardens!

Ken Mason

I teach at the local community college. I have two classes with 1.5 hours between classes. At first I thought this was a problem but now I have a light lunch and a one hour walk in the park between classes. It boosts my energy and helps my creativity. I have even inspired several of my students to "build" a walk into their schedule. It felt good to hear my walking not only helped me but helped my students too :-)

connie varner

As a nursing assistant I work 3 12 hour shifts a week. I am walking for most of my shift. I also do day care in my home. We are on the go most of the day. It keeps me fit.


I walk with my 2 co-workers everyday. Gives us time to catch up on office gossip and re-charge


I don't enjoy walking that much, but I love the rewards so much that I do it anyway -- increased energy, curbs nighttime eating, tones muscles (including heart), burns calories, promotes self discipline, etc.


Walking helps me sleep better.

jor-el andres

Walking to worksite everyday, maintain my weight.

Rita Pereira

I walk everyday during my break, it helps me concentrate better and feel recharged.


I am a natural born walker. I have been walking for years and plan to continue as long as my feet and legs will allow me to. I use my walking time to meditate which increases my spiritual engery.Sometimes I sing and just look up at the beautiful clouds. By the time my walk is over, I am so revived, calm and full of energy. After a nice hot shower or bath, sleep is like heaven.


Yes, I get recharged after walking during the day.

Daine Plazak

When I take a walk after work I am a new person when I get back. All the stress is gone, my mind is cleared of all the work which is left at the office. Its like a mental health walk.

Cindy Hill

We walk every day at lunch EXCEPT when it rains :)

doreen ferreira

Walking during lunch time helps me refocus and it gives me much needed exercise


Yes, I walk half of my lunch hour


I always walk I walk everyday with my husband and kids

ingrid hansen

A walk will chase your blues away !

Lavon Rosenbaum

Walking to me is very relaxing. So I like to walk early in the morning to get my daily recharge.


I take a walk in the morning by myself to re-charge and meditate. Lunch time I walk with a freind.

Jeannette Suhr

I enjoy the walks around my neighborhood and to a local pond. No cell phone; no headset. Just enjoying the sights and sounds of the surroundings. Sometimes throw in some hills and shoot for five miles. Even better when my husband can join me.

Ray Martin (a.k.a Gangnam)

My darling little Girl Fritto always takes me on a daily walk. On my 3 days off (work 4 day schedule) she's sure to take me on the morning 2 mile walk around our 'huge' complex in the neighborhod. Oh yeah, those 2 mile walks has her :-) pooping :-) twice and I have the dubious luxury of picking it up twice :-) I love life!

Josh hataway

I try to walk most everywhere I can as long as the route is safe

Stephanie Moray

I walk up the 5 flights of stairs every day after lunch with my co-worker. With a desk job I have to do it! I try to walk with my Golden Retriever most every day either before work or after. He wants to go anytime, anywhere!


walking at lunch helps clear the mind and recharges you for a busy afternoon


walking is great for stress too!

Bianca L

I enjoy walking with my dog twice a day. We play fetch in the yard alittle different then most: I throw it, she finds it & I have to go get it ;)

leirdre Galloway

I enjoy walking after I eat while vacationing with friends. I convince my friends to walk in the area of the restaurant and then get back to the car to continue our travels


I enjoy my walks. Wisconsin has been cold even now. So when I can't walk outside, I walk on my treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes. I've lost 8 pounds since April. Who said exercising is hard - I've been walking since I was 1 year old! LOL

Tammie Goowin

I will be headed to LV on Thursday, and will be doing a lot of walking. Seeing the sites and just some fresh air. Walking clears the mind and gives your eyes something to look at besides your computer. It recharges your soul..

John jackson

I really enjoy my walks.

Debralee Pirone

Walking on the beach is the most relaxing rewarding gift to yourself.


i try to after lunch. it just helps release a little tension and kicks starts the second half of my shift!


A group of us started walking around our building once a day, and now do it twice a day. It's a good 20 minute walk all the way around, the company and conversation is always great.


Yes I did - with my dog!

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