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21 July 2014


Beth Cord

Make a large pot of vegetable soup every Saturday afternoon. It is the easiest way to plan your meals in advance, and make sure that at least your lunch is full of healthy goodness!

Julie Altman

Take them to work

Rajeshwary Raol

salad for lunch and fruits for afternoons.


eat a salad with lunch and dinner : )

steven young

Marry a vegan..

S Skaggs

I make a green smoothie each day

Stephaine Croff

I eat one serving of cook veggie and one serving of raw veggie for lunch and dinner, always add a fruit to my breakfast.


eat salad

Julie Altman

I eat a salad every day


Always add Biueberries to my cereal. Eat the great sweet corn and strawberries for dinner. Indiana tomatos are the best. Love the summer time fruits and veggies.

James Wheeler

Lunch was homemade pesto spread on whole wheat tortillas, topped with sliced tomatoes, mushrooms and diced green peppers and onion. Sprinkled on some shredded mozzarella cheese and baked in the toaster oven. Drink was skim milk (wife) and green tea for me. Dessert was 6-10 fresh concord grapes.

radha weeder

I eat salad everyday for either lunch or dinner. I also eat raw veggies at least once a day

James Wheeler

My wife and I do most all the 10 items. We belong to a community garden that produces lots of vegetables for eating, freezing and canning. Tonight we had salmon and zucchini wedges grilled, boiled corn on the cob and coleslaw made with red cabbage, green pepper, carrots and vinegar/olive oil dressing instead of mayonnaise.

Deborah Urquhart

We grow rasberries, blueberries and strawberries. Also always have fruit and vegs in the kitchen!

Camille Yergeau

We love our garden this year.


by making sure I add vegetables to each meal



Shashi Srinath

Eat salad everyday with lunch and fruit for snack.


I am starting to eat carrots and celery sticks in the evenings. I feel and sleep better.


I love the V8 fruit juices with vegtable mixture i.e. Berry Blend. I always have atleast one vegetable on my dinner plate daily too. Farmer's market shopping and using fresh produce excite me to cook and eat it more.


If it is in the house, you will eat it. So I stock up on fresh veggies and fruit. I don't buy junk food. If it isn't in the house, I won't eat it.


Put rasberries in your vodka soda :)


I get fresh fruit and veggies from the cafeteria and keep them at my desk, It cost as much as candy.

Donald Taylor

I like to pickle my vegetables.

Dan H

I throw fresh fruit into my yogurt in the morning.




eating vegetables helps to cut down on calories


Bring snap peas to work everyday


Mix organic blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries together and use for topping shredded wheat or as a snack. Delicious!

Eileen McLaughlin

BLEND EM UP!!! I make vegtable /fruit smoothies using a variety of greens:kale, spinach, collard greens, swiss chard and alternate. Also radishes, celery, cucumbers, parley,carrots, pumpkin,(canned) sweet potaoes (steam in microwave first. fruits, berries, pineapple, green apple , pear. I keep a supply of frozen /fresh. Add chia, ground flax , protein powder and a drizzle of olive oil for MUFA and a shake of ceylon cinnamon to balance out the sugar from the fruit and Macca green teat for extra antioxidants MEAL in a shake :) great for when you are on the RUN!


Eat it cold, green beabs prepared at central market. Good Flavor - cold.


I always prepare for the day the night before..in the mornings I have no time. So I just grab and go


Plan the day, pack fruits and vegetables in lunch bag eat a bit of fruit with yoghurt for that mid morning crunch, eat a wonderfully big and crunchy salad for lunch,make sure you have an apple, grapes cherries something to savor on drive home with a big bottle of water, fills you up so when you get home you don't mindlessly eat or snack while you prepare a good balanced dinner

Johnny Hill

Vitamix - the best blender in the world and the easiest way to mix in more fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Drink your greens in a smoothie!

Patti Marinaro

I eat salad everyday for lunch and have 2 vegetables with dinner

R. Perez

I use the Nutribullet... fill it with 3/4 of kale and spinach and the last 1/4 with mixed berries (frozen so they don't spoil) along with a piece of a green apple, a piece of pineapple and a piece of banana... i use coconut water 3x's a week and bottled water the rest of the week. I drink one full cup every morning... best thing I ever bought... using it for the past 2 years daily.

Tamara Windham

I put mild vegetables in my smoothies for breakfast. Some of the veges I use are: carrots, spinach, jicama, water chestnuts, mixed with a variety of fruits and you can't taste the veges.


I wash and prepare fruits for the day and leave them out on the counter.
Likewise, I peel and clean carrots and celery and keep them easy to grab for those in between meal snacks.

Karen Llewellyn

I drink green smoothies. 2 c. liquid (I use coconut water), 2 C. greens (spinach, chard, kale, are among the best), and 2 c. fruit. Blend it up and you have 10-15 servings of veggies in a quart. Drink a quart a day and change your life! :)

David Breath

I put chopped cabbage or Oriental mix on my sandwich. It stays fresh and crunchy and gives me two added servings veggies a day.

Jamie Sanders

I find that if I keep produce clean, cut, ready to eat, and in easy reach, my family will snack on it. If it stays in the plastic bag down in the crisper drawer, I usually end up throwing out a lot of rotten produce!



lori campion

Added vegetables to morning omelet - etc peppers, tomatoes , brocolli


keep eating cherry tomato and lettuce every day


EVERYTHING is in season!!! I start eating salads at least 5 times per week. I put down all processed carbs and sugar and rejuvenate!


8 oz. of 12 different kinds of Vegetable and Fruit Smoothie every morning.


My husband favorite meal is breakfast. We limit our "splurge breakfast" to once a week and the hashbrowns have less and less potatoes, substitute with sweet potatoes if I can get away with it and add every kind of veggie I happen to have on hand- carrots, broccoli, peppers, onion, kale, green beans.


i drink vegetable juice to supplement my intake.




I am Vegan and sensitive to fructose so no fruit is allowed -- all I can eat are vegetables. I eat them raw, baked, steamed, grilled, and roasted. I recently tried veggie spaghetti (zucchini) and love it! Did you know vegetables have more protein than steak?


I am Vegan since june 2014. I was a vegetarian since december 2013. All I eat is fruits and vegatables! i feel great and I am losing wieght.

P Atkins

Summer is a great time for grilling. Grilled vegetables are great tasting as well.


I roast a wide variety of vegetables with olive oil & seasonings every week and enjoy every day!


I usually buy a bag of apples and/or oranges when I shop for groceries. That way I will take a couple of fruits to work, to consume them before they get overripe. It's a little trick I have to play on myself, if it's in my lunch bag I will eat it. I like crunchy fruits and vegetables the most, including apples, pears, peaches, baby carrots, celery, etc.

alma entsminger

did better today than yesterday, enjoyed fresh veggies today. Just not enough


In addition to getting lots of fruits & kale in my NutriBullet, I eat a lot of fruit and make a lot of veggie loaded soups and salads. YUM!


trying to eat fruits and vegetables with every meal and with snacks

alma entsminger

Im having a rough time with the veggies and fruits, Hope everyone else is doing great with them

angie riley

@ 3 cups of spinach in my morning protein drink.

marlene saad

smoothie every morning


How to add more fruits and veggies - why there are tons of ways as y'all can read. My favorites: onion, tomato, and spinach sauteed and added to scrambled eggs; fresh / frozen fruit smoothies made with vanilla almond milk with or without a protein powder; and a summer staple - homemade sorbet / sherbet: 3 tbsp vanilla almond milk, 1 tbsp agave nectar, per 1 cup frozen fruit - eating a double serving made with 1 c frozen mandarin oranges and 1 c frozen peaches right now! YUM

Rosalinda Mc Cumba

In my morning protein shake I use 1/2 scoop of my protein, add a hand full & 1/2 blueberries, a small carrot, 1 & 1/2 oz beets, & a hand full baby spinach. So there I have 1 fruit & 3 vegetables. Mid morning snack is a fruit & 1/2 oz pecans, mid afternoon snack is the same (fruit & 1/2 oz pecan). I love pecans!!! Lunch & dinner I usually have either broccoli, spinach, or zucchini. So that makes it 3 fruits & 4 vegetables. I rarely forget to eat my mid morning fruit, but I do at time when I'm real busy at work. My doctor told me that I need to eat 6 to 8 fruits/vegetables per day and to take it to work because you can't get it all after work.


Blueberries to my yogart in the morning. Salad with tomoatoes & cucs every day for lunch & two veggies with dinner instead of starch.


I am a compulsive snacker. The issue used to be I snacked on whatever was available, which was often not the best foods for snacking (cheese, peanut butter by the spoonful). I started bringing home lots of fruits, berries carrots, celery. I bring 2 or 3 days supplies to work and keep in the fridge in the lunchroom. I'm still a compulsive snacker, but a healthier one.

alma entsminger

enjoyed 6 different fresh veggies from the garden today. Still had no fruits


Try eating cherry tomatoes, celery, cukes with hummus rather than the crackers for a snack. Yummy.

dwana lammers-scantlebury

I have a piece of fruit with my breakfast and have a salad for lunch.


I take a snack baggie of blueberries and cherry tomatoes with me to work along with one to two bananas so I get as much healthy food during work day as possible.


Vegetables are great and all, but they need to be the right kind of vegetables to avoid unwanted carbohydrates. All fruits and vegetables have carbohydrates. Green leafy (2 fistfuls) and certain other vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower (1 fist size portion) are better than corn, carrots, and sweet peas that contain higher carbohydrate counts. This is advise from my doctor to help maintain healthy blood sugar counts.


My kids and I have 25 servings of fruits, vegetables, and berries per day by taking Juice Plus. It is organic fruits, vegetables and berries that are juiced and powdered into a capsule. We also eat plenty of fresh organic produce.


V8, spinach, superfoods, Blue Mountain, and frozen fruit smoothie. We use the Nutri-bullet.

quin mcnair

I make different smoothies each day.

Martha Collins

Being a Weight Watchers member keeps me thinking about a healthy diet with fruits and vegis, but I also joined a program at work to get fresh, organic produce and started visiting my local farmer's market where I have been truing new vegis. I've actually found some new ones I really like to eat and never knew about. It's all about making your health really important to you. You know your body needs the nutrients and the fiber to function optimally, so you feed yourself good stuff. I also keep a variety of fresh fruit available for snacks. I eat berries on my oatmeal 5 days a week - sometimes it looks like I have a little oatmeal with my berries. :-) When I bring home cantaloupe and watermelon, I cut them up and put them in containers so they are an easy snack.


I juice a lot of fruits and vegetables to ensure I get them into my diet..even the ones I do not like very much. You be surprised how you cannot even taste them in juices!


I have fruit with breakfast and/or lunch every day. I eat large salads or have a large portion of vegetables with every dinner. We go to the farmers market every Saturday and purchase fresh items in season, trying new things as they become available.


I pick fruit and vegetables from my garden everyday and eat that way all summer.


I make a juice or smoothie every morning and load it with spinach, beets, ginger, carrots, apple & lemon.

alma entsminger

working on the veggies and fruits

Emilia Sivvianskis

Farmer Market are the best place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Full loaded salads with any kind of greens, veggies and including fruits are a best

Christine Madden

Every morning I make a smoothie in my VitaMix with kale, orange, blueberries or strawberries, banana, coconut milk and whey protein powder. I drink it while I am getting ready for work and it really gets me going for the day!


We have a garden that is full of lettuce, swiss chard, radishes and beans - both wax and green. In a few short weeks the tomatoes and cucumbers will be ready to pick. As for fruit we have a hugh raspberry patch that is ready for daily picking. In addition, I always have peeled carrots ready for munching. Never purchase the prepared carrots - those are loading with preservatives. Not only that there isn't any taste to them.

Jolene Schafer

We have a garden and we are getting fresh green beans, carrots, beets, potatoes, peas, etc. So we eat are veggies.


Always a variety of salad at lunch and 3 veggies at night.... then fruit and often stewed fruit at breakfast... have vegetarian meals at least twice a week too.


Good try


One word - smoothies!


I mix several servings of fruit in my morning protein shake.


I mix veggies in with all our starches at meals. pasta,rice..etc. fresh fruit is staple in our house as well.


Yummy ! I had a delicious salad yesterday loaded with lots of vegetables

Kimberly Riordan

Buy plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit and instead of throwing them in the bottom drawer of the fridge, wash, cut and put into tupperware or baggies so it's ready for you to grab and throw in your lunch box for you to snack on throughout your day.

Violeta Luna

I went to the martket and bought different colors of fruits to make my daily meal as colorful as my life. I also added more vegetables to my dinner.

David Goff

For a delicious quick and easy serving of fruit & veggie I drink a can for V-8 Fusion instead of coffee or soda

alma entsminger

enjoying some fresh veggies

Stacie Gado

In my yogurt and fruit smoothies (banana, berries, apple slices, grapes), I add either spinach or kale and sometimes tomatoes or carrots. I figure if I blend them for the baby, I might as well do the same thing for me!!


Farmers Market is great - and fun. Always clean immediately after purchase so readily available to eat!



Marilyn Gerhard

I keep blueberries in the freezer to use with my cereal in the morning. I also eat 1/2 banana
with my breakfast. I either have lo cal Orange juice or v-8 in the frig @ all times.

Julie wheeler

I love to go to Growers Direct on 17th street in Newport. It's all fresh veggies and fruits and excellent prices!!!! Love, Love, Love it!


I set my computer desktop background to display beautiful photos of fresh vegetables. By the time lunch comes around, I'm looking forward to my salad, not dreading it!

Grace Ramirez

I drink a shake every morning, i add strawberries, blueberries, spinach, and a bannana. great energy drink!

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