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01 July 2014


cecilia paintin

Yup they seem to like me alot.

Mary Lanciault

If it bites, it will find me !!!!


They love me. They don't sting anyone else around me but they love my italiano blood.


A couple of weeks ago I camped overnight at a park along the swollen Mississippi River in northern MN. Usually when I walk fast enough mosquitos leave me alone, so since it was intolerable to sit anywhere besides in my car with the windows up, I took an evening walk, after spraying on repellent. It was crazy! Even wildly swinging my arms the whole time, they gave me no peace (I will admit I was in the woods and there was no breeze.) They really liked one arm--I realized I had not sprayed my dominant arm since the spray was in that hand! Luckily when I went by some picnickers they had some spray sitting out that they let me use. I was very grateful!


Garlic and Brewers Yeast did not seem to work for me....even when I have OFF applied they still land on me!

Steve Vella

Supposedly Vitamin B is a deterrent. I have noticed since taking multiple vitamins I have been bit less often. Used to be a mosquito magnet.

Helen Richards

I tried Skin So Soft once. I think it just gave them better traction! I'm going to try the tonic. I also use a thermocell and a clip on. But they still seem to find me. Must have very sweet type O blood! lol


Mosquitoes are ankle biters! There isn't a lot of fat there so they can easily get to your blood.

Dave C

I've read that mosquitos are more attracted people with type O blood.

Rasik Lad


John Weatherly

Funny & True Story: About a million years ago, I was visiting my friend near Witchita, KS. We were sitting outside after dark and he was telling us how he avoids mosquitos by taking a daily supplement of garlic tabs. About that time we look over at him and he has a mosquito perched on his cheek the size of a grape! Let's here it for garlic tabs y'all...


One summer I was traveling in an area of Europe that doesn't have a lot of mosquitoes. I left the window open one night, and the only mosquito in town found me and had me for a midnight snack. My doctor says I have "sweet" blood and something in my diet attracts them. My aunt makes a spray with tonic water and some kind of oil (I think lemongrass) and sprays it around when she's outside. She swears by it.

Mickey Pavona

Rose and all women. Mosquito's are attracted to body heat. Women are more prone because there blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin. So stay away of wet areas and use skin so soft as a repellent.
Make your summer a great experience.
Have a great summer!


Drink a little juice (I like cranberry) mixed with tonic water. Tonic water contains quinine which mosquitoes don't like. I used to get bit like crazy but not anymore!

janet hamel

Try one shot glass of Tonic water with quinine. Works for me and has for years.

Sue Conklin

Mosquitoes seem to bite more at dusk, so when it starts getting dark, that is the time I go in. As long as there is a breeze I usually do not have any problems.

Jenny Yee

Mosquitoes are poor fliers. A cheap alternative to wearing mosquitoe repellent while on your patio or deck is to use several oscillating fans to create a breeze. It will help keep the mosquitoes from zoning in on you by dispersing what attracts them to you. Plus the breeze will keep you cooler too.



You can use essential oils to make your own natural repellents without chemicals. You can find various recipes online - just google essential oil mosquito repellent. I have several I am trying out now to find the combination that works best for me.


Are there any natural - approaches to making yourself less attractive to mosquitoes.


They seem to like my ankles more than other areas also

Aleine Savage

This must be true since I sweat a lot and they always seem to find me!!

Ron R.

Is it carbon monoxide or do you mean carbon dioxide?


they just seem to like my ankles

Rose Naidus

They bite me regardless of what I'm doing. Mosquito repellent is my summer fragrance!! LOL


This is really interesting....shows that when walking just after rain better to avoid the mosquito areas in the marsh and stay on the road. Thanks for the tip!

nenita almonte

YES, they love my seet blood



Charlie Taylor

Yes when I hunt they don't leave me alone. That's why I have a thermocell now. Now I can hunt mosquito free.

cora pasia

reasons why i don't like camping or outdoor activities due to mosquitoes but wonder if this working out really effective or one way of being free from mosquitoes. this remains to be discovered. thanks for the info.

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